Macrobiotics is a way of eating and living in harmony with nature, and all life.  When we eat and live harmonious to our individual needs ~ which will vary depending upon what stage of life we are in, how active we are, our health history, current condition, the geographic location we reside in, and the season ~ we enjoy a greater sense of balance, and wellbeing.  

Consuming seasonal foods grown in our own or similar geographic location and climatic conditions helps us be more resilient to seasonal cold and flu bugs.  The most perishable foods are best consumed more locally grown.  

Some foods which may seem exotic are also used therapeutically to restore balance of any imbalanced organ systems, as per Chinese medicine and food therapy,  and to include a wide variety of plant foods providing a broad spectrum of nutrients.

Choosing foods in an orderly manner, based on universal principles of balance and ways of eating that successful, traditional populations have adhered to for generations enables us to feel a greater sense of connection to nature, for which we are all part of.  Foods which best support our health are also those foods which can be grown with the greatest efficiency, and least waste ~ personally, and collectively.  

Generally speaking, the principal foods in macrobiotic diets are... seeds!  That is, seeds in many forms, including whole grains (and products made from whole grains), pulses (beans, peas and legumes, and products made from them), and seeds, along with a wide variety of colorful land and sea vegetables.  Seeds are truly the staff of life!

Macrobiotics has been practiced by people world wide for centuries.  The word macrobiotics was coined to represent the ways of eating and living which can improve health and longevity, to live a large or great (macro) life (bios.)  Hence why I originally chose the name vegan great life all those years back, when I first began blogging after adopting a vegan / plant-based macrobiotic diet to resolve a potentially problematic breast condition, back in 2011.

I will be continuing to write articles about the health benefits of a macrobiotic diet, along with lifestyle recommendations to help us feel a greater sense of balance, harmony, peace, vitality, happiness and joy. 

So far, I've healed a super excruciatingly tender, fatty, uneven sized breast condition, and have finally lost most of my stubborn, difficult to lose last 15 pounds.  (Only about 5 pounds to go as of October, 2023.) 

Ultimately, my desire is to live my most vital, meaningful, purposeful, illuminated life.  I certainly wish that for all people, as I believe changing the world begins at home ~ one mindful plate, and one awakening heart at a time.

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Macrobiotics Topics 

In The Beginning...

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How a Vegan Lunch Out Compares to Macrobiotic Standards (a good article to begin to recognize the what makes a Macrobiotic way of eating different than standard ways of eating food in the West, even if vegan / plant-based.)

More Resources

 QB Greens & Veg (One of the best ways to prepare greens and veg, whether if batch cooking ahead of time, or to enjoy anytime.  Once quick boiled/blanched, greens and/or veg can be added to meals, stir fried, added to soups, or lightly dressed and enjoyed as is.)

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