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Returning Home To My Heart

What a journey it has been returning home to my heart!  💖  I mean that on many levels ~ not the least of which has been restoring a whole-foods, plant-based macrobiotic diet, along with writing a blog on, and returning 'home' to the Midwest to help our aging parents.   I definitely  missed the greenery and trees while living in the Valley of the Sun for 10 years!  (Although we certainly miss many areas in AZ too!) I first took the plunge into blogging back in 2011 or 2012, with  The Food Way  blog, using, now owned by Google.  I guess I have an affinity for Blogger's simplicity at getting started blogging.   Actually, I have lots of URLs that went back into circulation, including The Plant Based Solution, Living Your True Nature, and Vegan Great Life, a previous website focusing on vegan macrobiotic diet and lifestyle.  Macro refers to long or great, and bios = life, therefore, when I saw recently (since first publishing this post) that the Vegan Gr

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